Data Science With Python

Categories: CS/IT, Data Science
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This course covers the basics of Python with many, many practice examples. The focus is learning the language with many exercises. The only way to learn is engagement and this course provides the full experience. The goal, from there, is to see various applications.  We will do financial examples as well as many, many examples that assist in Data Science.  This is a growing field where practice makes perfect – as such, not only are ideas covered in depth, but there is a growing list of Data Science examples where students can go through material, practice it themselves, and then see worked examples.  These worked examples are very important in seeing pitfalls and traps that can occur.  Data Science is a field that requires not only discipline and expert knowledge, but also a growing body of tools that look at problems from many angles, applying expert knowledge.   We cover a plethora of important concepts and implementations in Python. The user will learn to be fully competent and capable of using Python to apply to a work environment.  Our worked examples have Data Science applications, wherein the student learns the ins-and-outs of real world practices.  There is no substitute for anything but regular testing and engagement – this course provides exactly that!  This course walks students through all the essential parts of Data Science, while constantly practicing and reviewing foundations.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Run faster than a speeding bullet and leap over tall buildings in a single bound - in the Pythonic way!

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